Futures and Beyond + PUG

The control of information and telling of stories
has been exploited for centuries to control
citizens politically, socially and financially. From
parables to tabloid headlines, those given the responsibility to communicate to the masses have the opportunity to twist and construe the message. To borrow a phrase from McLuhan: 

“the medium is the massage”

The Confessional will expose the truth behind the stories we are told through mainstream media and the stories we tell ourselves through social media.

Church features, such as the puplit, the altar  and the confessional, are used as performance spaces. The Confessional acts as a filter: the citizens of Survi-ville are encouraged to confess and repent, and broadcast the true message through a series of audio and video installation pieces. Whether this be live news stories, current mutterings within the local community or even a citizen’s most personal confession, The Confessional performs as an information centre and place of secular worship for the everyday Survi-villian.