Futures and Beyond

Would you sell your grandparents to protect the value of your family? This is just one of many ethical questions that you may be faced with in the Era of Privatisation.
With current fiscal projections looking unfortunate for future years, we cannot simply be picking the low-hanging fruit. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it is crucial that – as a nation – we are not afraid to push the envelope to ensure our personal and collective prosperity going forward.

The year is 2018. To bring you up to speed: a decision was made that, with the double dip set to continue, it is the responsibility of the individual, and the family to which they belong, to establish means of adding value, both for their own growth and for that of the nation. This has been made possible by the creation of The Human Stock Exchange.

Families are now companies, and like companies they have assets, equity and shareholders; they are tradable, their data is visible and their value can be assessed. How would you live if your every decision, every bout of ill fate, every career move and cultural exploit defined your financial worth?

This critique sees the world through the eyes of an ordinary family, referencing London capitalist architecture from multiple decades to imagine a future super-capitalist system, and the new infrastructure it could generate.