In 2017/18 FUTURES AND BEYOND is concerned with the subject of work, and particularly the notion of liberating the UK population from toil and drudgery through the application of emergent new technologies, as well as the redeployment of established approaches.

This year at Oxford School of Architecture, Unit K analysed the nature of human jobs and asked, “what are we doing that a machine could do better?”
They then used machines, robotics and other technologies to design away the need for, as American anthropologist David Graeber describes them...

‘bullshit jobs’

Students welcome you to a not-so-distant-future Milton Keynes, where citizens find themselves ‘liberated’, to varying degrees, from the everyday drudgery of the 9-5, and the economic and societal pressures that enforced this as an inescapable norm.

We explored the machine as an architectural driver, as well as the architectural result of a machine/human symbiosis, or in some cases, the rejection of technology in search of a more intrinsically human existence entirely.

You will see students’ exploration of the personal, social and architectural potential of both an automated, and post-automated society, and their responses to the question,

“what would you do, if you didn’t need to have a job?”


_Introspective Architecture Center _PanAviary
_Lasting Memories _Mono Keynes _Death Academy _Technocratic Energy Research Centre _The Craftsman's Compound
_The SpAqua Resort and Residences
_The Binary Tribunal _Transport Interchange _The Learning Retreat